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MJ Taylor

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MMMMMMMMJ. Abs anyone? OK everybody loves abs. I don’t care what kind of guy gets you off, abs are always a plus. MJ has abs – and every fucking thing else to go with them. He’s hot, physical, intense, and as he says, ‘likes to fuck like a monkey on Viagra.’ He was out in Los Angeles auditioning for a role as a boxer in a movie. Yeah I work at a major studio – and no it wasn’t mine. But if anybody would make me pull that casting couch shit it’s MJ. He was out on the town after his audition, and we met up at Eleven bar (he’s 20 but Eleven’s a restaurant too – for you non-LA skeptical bitches). It was a great night – we hit it off and have similar attitudes toward boys – if they don’t have tight asses and IQs above room temperature, their probably not worth fuckin (unless its last call, then the IQ requirement drops). Turns out MJ had done some adult work for a company in Florida. Music to my fuckin ears. Now he’s with me. He works it, he owns it, and he doesn’t settle. He’s a chapter straight outta my play book. As for the boxing role…. He never got to “float like a butterfly” or “sting like a bee.” But who gives a fuck? I just wanna see the monkey on Viagra…

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Jaigo2010 on 08/12/2010 I almost threw up looking at this dude. His stomach is nasty and face atrocious! charlie on 11/24/2011 Awesome tight ripped body. Talented hung performer.

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