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Kyle Denton

Kyle Denton

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Hairy-chested muscle boy Kyle Denton isn't just versatile, he's a people-pleasing chameleon who easily adapts to any situation and scene partner. He can be the genuinely, charming romantic lover, paying lots of attention to his partner and just as readily be available to be worshiped for the hot body for which he's worked. If someone wants to top him, he insists he gets fucked hard and he will give it back in kind if his partner so desires. Whoever he's with, Kyle is always present, expressing himself honestly & openly.

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Dude101 on 10/05/2023 Wow! What a hottie! Dude101 on 10/05/2023 Write a Comment... weo03 on 10/08/2023 more Kyle please :) hottie6969 on 10/09/2023 hottttt Stuffedpuppy on 10/22/2023 He's so beautiful and sweet...please bring him back for more scenes. There's a gorgeous Teddy Bear...omg. Chris Beard on 11/21/2023 Kyle is the hottest, most masculine man on this site. Tons more of him. Chuckles4770 on 01/05/2024 Kyle really turns me on. That handsome face, that fabulous body, that delectable DICK. I would love to spend a few hours in bed with Kyle Denton!

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