Kevin Cavalli

Kevin Cavalli

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Kevin Cavalli is one hot Italian fuck. OK I’ll confess I have a thing for Italian guys. There’s something about their look, their edge and their attitude. Kev has it all. He’s a good friend, and very open sexually. Truth is he’s straight, but LOVES ass and getting his cock sucked. He fucks chicks and boys the same way – he pounds their asses – HARD. When we first started kickin it, we were just jack off buds – sometimes we jerked off together. One night he asked if he could watch me fuck a guy. We picked up a hottie in West Hollywood, brought him to my loft, and I grunge fucked him. Kev watched, jerked off, and blew his load all over us while we were fucking – it was so fucking hot – the kid I was fucking and I both came hardcore right after Kev blew on us. The very next night the same kid came over and Kev fucked him. Since then, he’s been hooked. Watching him fuck is unbelievable. He fucks boys so hard he works up a sweat and leaves the boys begging him to stop and begging him not to – at the same time. Check out his scenes. Whether you’re a top or a bottom, your ass will tingle – I promise.

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Bruan08 on 09/30/2009 KEVIN IS F***ING HOT!!! InFamoust on 01/14/2010 My Dream Dude. jeremy on 06/15/2011 i will love to see more of kevin.he has a hot ass

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