Jude Collin

Jude Collin

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Jude is definitely cocky. Ripped abs, nice ass and a monster cock that he just loves to show off. He says he’s straight, and I believe he may prefer girls, but the truth is he just loves to force that 9 inch cock into anything he can. I met him through a mutual friend and we hung out one night here in LA. He just couldn’t wait to show me his cock. He got a hard on in his pants at the bar just to show me how big it is, and then asked me all night when I was going to bottom for him. The first time I shot him, after he finished his scene he was almost immediately ready to go again for anybody that wanted to take it. If you like boys with big dicks and an attitude to match – you’ll like Jude.

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jmenzies on 05/30/2009 Hot! stefenlu on 07/07/2009 this scene is scorching hot. I just love Andrew moaning, and moaning, and moaning ! nidsaw80 on 01/06/2010 Jude is HOTTER than HELL! He's the reason I joined this site. Jaigo2010 on 08/12/2010 The 2nd best guy on this site! stud247 on 03/01/2012 when is he coming back???????????????????????????????

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