Jarred's pretty new to the Cockyboy scene but what he lacks for in experience he makes up for with his HUGE COCK. A mutual friend of ours introduced us while I was vay-kaying in Florida this summer. Now, usually I like to meet with the guys a few times before I put them on my site but I knew Jarred would fit right in the first time we met. It doesn't take a genius to recognize "hot" when it walks right up to you, looks you in the eyes, and asks to be naked on your site in exchange for money. Tall, lean, six pack abs, handsome as hell, and with an ass as hot as his cock - you know you'll be seeing more of Jarred!

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aznhots on 03/25/2009 You are the hottest guy on here...absolutely love your work and everything about you. Cute face, sexy abs, great cock...*droolz* ohnopip on 03/13/2010 You are very hot & love watching! collegeguy9 on 06/06/2010 I'm an aggressive top who loves watching other aggressive top fuck! Not only are you hot!!! You are awesome in bed as a top or bottom... Love to see more movies with you. thomas1 on 07/10/2010 love when tyler peters sucks you makes me shot gallons michaelf on 03/08/2011 Jarred would make THE most excellent boyfriend or at least a killer weekend lover!!! Worshipper on 01/27/2012 Are you planning a Jarred/Gabriel Clark pairing? It would be perfect! They're both sooo handsome!

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