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Jackson Wild

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Mr. Jackson Wild – he’s a hung hottie from a small town in Mississippi. Yes, there is a place called New Albany, Mississippi. I checked. Packing an 8.5inch cock and six pack abs, this versatile little powerhouse will go head to head (or give head to head) with the best of them. There’s a lot about him that you wouldn’t know from his prior work. Wait, what? He’s been on another website? WTF? Anyway, turns out he’s a pretty damned good singer and dancer. I met him at a cocktail party at my place. After his third cocktail this guy cranks up his favorite Tina Turner tune and breaks out into song. Suuuuure – he’s versatile. Haha. I wanted someone to fuck just so he would shut the fuck up! Actually – he was really good. So when I had the chance to have him appear on my little website I had to take it. I thought that if he can fuck half as well as he sings…. Definitely check out his scenes. Let’s just say he always hits the note.

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cocky1 on 07/28/2009 sooo hot ! kcguy on 06/17/2011 Wow-it certainly rates 5 stars in my book.

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