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GUY PARKER. Wow, where do I begin? If you were to sum up Guy Parker in one word, it would have to be “amazing.” If you want to be indulgent and use two, it would be “fucking amazing.” His nickname is Bam Bam, in part because he resembles the cartoon hottie, and in part because that’s the sound you hear when he’s fucking. He’s a hot muscle stud that prefers to pound ass, but can switch and take it like a champ. Of course, he’s Jesse Santana’s real life boyfriend. But don’t let that distract you. He’s a rockstar in his own right. And to top it off he has this slight Southern accent that makes you just want to get naked and bend over (even if you’re a ‘pitcher’). I met him through Jesse, and am so glad I did. He has charm, a smile that will make you happy in the middle of a massive earthquake, and a way of fucking that will make you think you’re in a massive earthquake. I can’t go on enough about him, but in a sense his nickname says it all: Bam Bam.

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gore2000 on 06/02/2009 I love guys with blue eyes michael on 02/22/2011 WOW! What a sweet boy. Guy has a pretty face, a hot body and beautiful feet with sweet rounded toes. I love that!

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