Eric Blaine

Eric Blaine

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What can I say about Eric Blaine? If tall, muscle bound dudes with huge dicks and great asses are your thing then Eric Blaine is your man. If that isn't your thing then you're probably not gay. Barely 21 and straight off the bus from Florida this dude spends his free time working on cars. I mean...come on...if that ain't hot I don't know what is. He's also mentioned on more than one occasion that he's really into public sex (let's see if I can catch that on film). If you want to see how a Grade A beef stud works his cock then check out this man's scene.

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guest on 05/09/2009 Fucking Hot! facade on 09/26/2009 Bring Eric back..I wanna see him bottom lilrichkid13 on 03/15/2010 I agree! He needs to bottom! yogilini1 on 10/12/2010 He is so hot, I wanna see him tore jesse santana's hot ass

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