Derrick Vinyard

Derrick Vinyard

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Derrick Vinyard is to porn what Frank Sinatra was to music. There – I said it – he’s the porn chairman of the board. He’s bi-sexual. I don’t mean the kind of bi-sexual like a straight boy finding an excuse to take it up the ass. I mean he’s really bi-sexual. He gets off on men and women. He gets off on giving his partner pleasure. He means business sexually. He has a huge thick dick, and can get hard almost on command. I’ve never seen anything like it. The first time I ever saw him naked he needed pics for a web profile. He wanted a cock shot. I got out the camera, he dropped his pants and in a matter of seconds he was hard as a rock. Truly a site to behold. We became friends. In fact, was his website in the beginning. I bought it from him when he decided to retire from Falcon (he was a Falcon exclusive). He got me turned on to porn – many a late night at the loft listening to the chairman tell hot stories or hanging with his friends. He is simply a rockstar. With each thrust into some bottom’s ass Vinyard owns it. In and out as his muscles contract, you can see the bottom grimace in pain all the while anticipating the next thrust. Vinyard never cums until his partner has gotten off – sometimes more than once. He’s the top every man aspires to be. The Vin Man is a good friend still today. Watching him fuck is an honor – an experience – a combination of passion and true animal instinct. Don’t miss his performances. He’s the best.

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ronxz98 on 04/13/2009 i would do anything to be with him!!! facade on 09/24/2009 more movies with him!!!

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