Dante Storm

Dante Storm

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Dante Storm is a fucking hot Latin top with an attitude to match. We met up on Myspace.com of all places. He hit me up, said he was vacationing in Los Angeles, and wanted to hang. I’m not wild about inviting boys I don’t know to hang with my clan at the clubs. We were having a pool party at Derrick Vinyard’s house that weekend so I invited Dante to come along. As you probably know by now, some crazy shit can go down at our parties – even during the day time. Someone is always fucking, and because we’re all friends it’s all good. It just happens. I forgot this was a whole new world for Dante. Sure enough after a cocktail or two Derrick Vinyard had decided he wanted to shoot a scene with Christian Cox. Before you know it we were filming the scene for Vinyard. Dante watched in amazement. After we finished shooting Dante blurts out, “I want to do a scene.” I just laughed and said, “Wait a minute tiger, have you ever fucked in front of people before?” He said, “No, but I’ve jacked off on my webcam. I’m comfortable with my body, I’m horny as fuck and it would be hot.” Two of my bros – Christian Owen and Danny Fieri – piped up and said, “I’ll do a scene with him.” Danny had never done porn before and I wanted to see him get fucked on camera so bad I couldn’t stand it. So Danny got the first crack at Dante and Dante plowed the shit out of him – all on tape. When they were done, with cum sprayed all over the place, Dante points at Christian and says, “Can I fuck him too?” I seriously almost dropped the camera. Christian was like, “Let’s do it.” Twenty minutes later Dante and Christian were going at it. They both blew huge loads, and Dante had earned the respect of every hottie in Los Angeles. I think everybody blew a load that day, and Dante became a permanent part of my posse. Maybe next time I’ll line up a bunch of boys and let him fuck until he can’t go anymore. I kind of want to see how many boys he can fuck, don’t you?

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