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Shane Has A Big Fat Dick
4 Episodes in this series

Shane Has A Big Fat Dick


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Greg McKeon, Avery Jones, Shane Cook, Gabriel Clark, Troy Accola, Manuel Skye & Aiden Ward

Description: Shane Cook may look like a straight-laced muscle jock but this deep-voiced handsome guy from Midwest isn't quite that. This thick-dicked gym rat loves to pound boys that could keep up with his high sexdrive. In this DVD, he's joined by Gabriel Clark & Greg McKeon: other hung guys that love to stretch out their willing bottoms. Enjoy!


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Greg McKeon & Avery Jones New Release | 23 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Greg McKeon & Avery Jones

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Featuring: Avery Jones & Greg McKeon

Description: Sexy newcomer Avery Jones is excited to make in his Cocky Boys debut with Greg McKeon, BUT the rainy weather is bringing him down. Fortunately, in this condom-free scene Greg knows how to cheer him up: a good fuck that will make them both happy! Greg also has an aggressive, manhandling style that makes Avery melt. And it isn't long before Greg has him naked on top of a side table and is sucking his cock down to the base. Greg is relentless as he sucks Avery, eats his ass, and jacks their cocks together. After another round of deep rimming Greg picks up Avery and plops him on an easy chair to keep up his ass eating. And with one spin Greg gets Avery into position to face fuck him. This sets off some sexual acrobatics where Greg rims a cocksucking Avery while holding him upside down [more....]

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Shane Cook Enjoys a Bareback Fuck New Release | 21 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Shane Cook Enjoys a Bareback Fuck

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Featuring: Shane Cook

Description: Ben Masters is excited to be with Shane Cook and watch him get hard as he sucks him enthusiastically and this energy and his technique works VERY well! Shane's cock gets thick fast and Ben's relentless sucking lights a fire for the condom-free ass pounding to follow. But first Shane reaches around to play with Ben's cute ass and in no time flip him over and feast on it. Shane is just as relentless rimming, fingering & tongue-fucking Ben's hole and learns Ben can't get enough. After spit-lubing his hole Shane maneuvers in his beercan cock and once it jolts his prostate, Ben is in giddy ecstasy. Soon Shane turns Ben on is back and lets go with energetic deep-pounding that puts Ben in a state of breathless euphoria, heightened even more when Shane chokes him & edges him closer. [more....]

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Gabriel Clark & Troy Accola New Release | 26 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Gabriel Clark & Troy Accola

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Featuring: Gabriel Clark & Troy Accola

Description: Devoted fan Troy Accola finally gets to be with his porn crush Gabriel Clark and he's super-excited for his chance to be "Clark'd"! In this condom free scene Gabriel joins Troy in the shower and true to form engages in passionately sensual seduction. Soon Troy goes down on Gabriel who reciprocates with even more passionate sucking before turning Troy around to eat out his smooth hole. It isn't long though before they dry off and continue on the sofa. When Gabriel sits down Troy snuggles on his lap and dreamily enjoys his kisses and focused cock fondling. Gabriel soon sucks Troy's rock hard cock and big balls before bending him over to rim & finger his hole and prime it for his cock. Gabriel slides into Troy and thrust fucks him deep and hard over and over almost slamming him to the [more....]

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Aiden Ward & Manuel Skye New Release | 27 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Aiden Ward & Manuel Skye

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Featuring: Aiden Ward & Manuel Skye

Description: Aiden Ward really likes it when a hot, older takes control and tells him what to do and that's just what he gets from Manuel Skye in this condom-free scene. Not long after joining Manuel in the shower, as ordered Aiden is on his knees sucking his cock & balls. A pleased Manuel sucks him back, finger-probing & rimming him at the same time. But Manuel soon needs more room and bends Aiden over the sink to rim him more and suck his engorged cock from behind. Manuel gives Aiden a taste of his oozing precum then eases his cock into him and fucks him hard, totally owning his ass. Manuel stops only once to give Aiden another taste of precum & eat his hole again before pounding him hard. Carrying him to bed. Manuel slides Aiden over the edge of the bed to tease his hole and get him to suck [more....]


Avery Jones Avery Jones
Greg McKeon Greg McKeon
Shane Cook Shane Cook
Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark
Troy Accola Troy Accola
Aiden Ward Aiden Ward
Manuel Skye Manuel Skye

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