Break Him In Raw
4 Episodes in this series

Break Him In Raw

Watch these newbies get really put through their paces.


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Kane Fox, Felix Fox, Zach Astor, Blake Dyson, Cory Kane, Leo Louis, Aiden Ward & Sebastian Green

Description: We’re welcoming a whole new group of young guys to the studio! New CockyBoys Exclusive Leo Louis stretches veteran pornstar Cory Kane’s tight hole. Aiden Ward helps welcome Sebastian in his first studio shoot while muscly Felix Fox rides big-dicked Kane Fox. And Blake Dyson tries to swallow Zach Astor’s massive cock but is content with taking it raw instead. Watch these newbies get really put through their paces. Enjoy!


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Kane Fox & Felix Fox New Release | 29 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Kane Fox & Felix Fox

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Featuring: Felix Fox & Kane Fox

Description: We have TWO foxy foxes making their CockyBoys debut together: Kane Fox & Felix Fox...who is making his "pro" debut!! The guys click from the start with big smiles and complementary tastes. And since Felix expresses an interest in light bondage, he and Kane engage in a little kinky role-play. Stripped down to a jock strap and a blindfold, Felix plays with his rippling muscles & hard nipples as Kane watches, then approaches him to take control. Kane bends over Felix who is breathlessly thrilled to submit and offer up his ass...which is promptly smacked.  Kane watches himself in the mirror as he makes out with Felix, dry humps him and manhandles his body and his steely-muscled and vein-bulging neck. Flex wants him even more and Kane turns his attention to eat out his smooth hole while [more....]

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Blake Dyson & Zach Astor New Release | 31 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Blake Dyson & Zach Astor

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Featuring: Blake Dyson & Zach Astor

Description: Newcomer Blake Dyson makes his CockyBoys debut and Zach Astor is the one to welcome him! Blake has a story to share on how he came to us and to porn in general, but he's more interested in letting us know he likes to be kissed on the neck & back and REALLY likes his ass eaten. Zach gives him exactly what he wants and puts Blake in a state of vocal ecstasy. When he gets his chance, Blake puts Zach in a similar state by sucking his cock as it grows to ginormous proportions. Blake soon gets into a 69 and Zach resumes eating his ass, but his desire to be inside Blake is overwhelming. Zach gets Blake on his back and after spit-lubing his hole, he maneuvers his cock into him and fucks him deep. Once again Blake is in utter, breathless bliss as Zach pounds him on his back and from the side. [more....]

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Cory Kane & Leo Louis New Release | 26 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Cory Kane & Leo Louis

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Featuring: Cory Kane & Leo Louis

Description: Cory Kane returns! After almost a year since he last appeared Cory is back for a very special outdoor sex scene with new exclusive Leo Louis!  On a warm summer day Cory hikes & cruises in the woods and comes upon shirtless artist Leo who is busy sketching. But once Cory takes out his big dick and strokes his thick dick, Leo is riveted and puts away his sketchpad to follow Cory deeper into the woods. Here, they make out with hungry passion until Cory gets on his knees and when Leo unzips and his ginormous hard cock is revealed, Cory is faced with a BIG challenge. Cory uses his mouth and his hands to service as much of Leo's cock as he can until Leo takes charge. He sensuously sucks Cory's thick cock and easily puts Cory under his spell. So, when Leo makes his next move, he doesn't even [more....]

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Aiden Ward & Sebastian Green New Release | 22 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Aiden Ward & Sebastian Green

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Featuring: Aiden Ward & Sebastian Green

Description: Aiden Ward returns and he's with Sebastian Green making his pro porn debut with us at CockyBoys! Sebastian is a dom top and versatile Aiden is more than ready do what he's told..right from the start. He watches and feels the bulge in his crotch as Sebastian lies back on the patio, rubbing his hard chest and his growing cock. Aiden waits but when he pulls out his fully hard cock to stroke it, Sebastian gestures for him, saying "Come here, boy" Aiden kisses Sebastian passionately making his cock jump and he takes the obvious hint to suck it. Sebastian loves it while encouraging more from Aiden with sex talk, holding him by the hair to guide him and face-fucking him to make him choke.  When he does Sebastian kisses Aiden and reciprocates, marveling at his big cock and sucking every inch. [more....]


Felix Fox Felix Fox
Kane Fox Kane Fox
Blake Dyson Blake Dyson
Zach Astor Zach Astor
Cory Kane Cory Kane
Leo Louis Leo Louis
Aiden Ward Aiden Ward
Sebastian Green Sebastian Green

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