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Break Him in Raw 2
4 Episodes in this series

Break Him in Raw 2


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Kane Fox, Jack Bailey, Edward Terrant, Ryan Jacobs, Jordan Starr, Damien Grey, Roman Todd & Alex Gonzalez

Description: We are excited to showcase this next group of young new (Cocky)boys to the studio! From Jordan Starr’s massive cock to Alex Gonzalez’s bubble butt, we’ve got plenty of young talented studs. Edward Terrant breaks in Ryan Jacob’s tight hole and Roman Todd shows Alex the ropes. Damien Grey is the raw receiver of Jordan’s fat dick while Kane Fox’s cock finds a warm home in Jack Bailey’s ass. These boys are definitely being invited back!


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Jack Bailey & Kane Fox New Release | 32 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Jack Bailey & Kane Fox

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Featuring: Jack Bailey & Kane Fox

Description: New Talent December continues with Jack Bailey making his CockyBoys debut with Kane Fox! Kane had been interested in insatiable bottom Jack from the start and after months of DMs they finally get to make it happen. Kane knows that Jack has a butt that's just waiting to be fucked and when Jack offers it up Kane wastes little time eating his hole and making him squirm with delight and moan with pleasure.  The more Kane devours his hole the more Jack becomes his sub and begs to be fucked and bred. However, Kane teases him more before he gives Jack what he wants and drills him. Right away it's clear this exceeds both their expectations and the intensity builds as Kane goes harder on Jack. Before he goes over the edge though, Kane gives Jack the chance to show him how well he sucks [more....]

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Edward Terrant & Ryan Jacobs New Release | 23 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Edward Terrant & Ryan Jacobs

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Featuring: Edward Terrant & Ryan Jacobs

Description: Edward Terrant is back to introduce Ryan Jacobs to CockyBoys..and finally hook up with him after lots of flirting. After sharing what he likes and some making out, Ryan is eager to give Edward some attention. His lips travel down his body and it's no long before Ryan has Edward's pants off and is deep-throating him and sucking his nuts as well as his cock. After getting lots of oral pleasure Edward passionately kisses Ryan and gets him on his back to lick, rim & finger his sensitive hole. Edward makes it that much easier to turn Ryan around on top of the couch and drill the moaning bottom from behind. They're both extra turned on watching themselves in the mirror and an excited Edward turns into a power top in the process. Edward relentlessly fucks Ryan and moves on top, drilling [more....]

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Damien Grey & Jordan Starr New Release | 31 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Damien Grey & Jordan Starr

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Featuring: Damien Grey & Jordan Starr

Description: As we continue to bring you "New Faces & New Energies" we have TWO guys to introduce to CockyBoys: Damien Grey & Jordan Starr! Damien is nervously excited to be with a big, confident guy like Jordan who will take control of him. And while his heart is still fluttering as he's cradled in Jordan's arms, Damien gets noticeably hard and so does Jordan. Soon after Jordan takes out his thick cock, Damien eagerly goes down on him. Damien shifts positions and Jordan plays with his hole and as he does,  he gets even bigger in Damien's mouth. Damien's lithe body makes it easy for Jordan to move him around at his pleasure. When eating his ass, Jordan lifts up Damien for some mid-air rimming. And just as easily he turns him around to work his hole. And when Damien sucks him again, Jordan turns [more....]

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Alex Gonzalez & Roman Todd New Release | 29 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Alex Gonzalez & Roman Todd

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Featuring: Alex Gonzalez & Roman Todd

Description: Adorably hot Alex Gonzalez is VERY excited to get his shot with Roman Todd, who basically checks off all the items on Alex's want list. Alex likes a bigger muscular guy to do whatever they want and that's just what he gets with Roman. Alex runs his hands over Roman's chiseled body and sucks the big bulge in his briefs and when given the go-ahead he gets to suck his cock. Roman enjoys Alex's mouth action and face-fucking him, but he also enjoys sucking the eager bottom, rimming him, fingering his hole and getting turn on even more with sex talk. Finally, after cock-teasing Alex, Roman gives him the fucking he craves. Roman pounds Alex's hole from behind but also slows down to wrap his arms around Alex and get him to ask for more. Roman drills Alex again, this time with more [more....]


Jack Bailey Jack Bailey
Kane Fox Kane Fox
Edward Terrant Edward Terrant
Ryan Jacobs Ryan Jacobs
Damien Grey Damien Grey
Jordan Starr Jordan Starr
Alex Gonzalez Alex Gonzalez
Roman Todd Roman Todd

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