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A Man & His Boy 4
3 Episodes in this series

A Man & His Boy 4


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Benjamin Blue, Manuel Skye, Tayte Hanson, Avery Jones, Aiden Ward, Nico Leon & Sharok

Description: What is about our svelte boys that guys can’t get enough of? Nico Leon & New CockyBoys Exclusive Sharok portray the powerful energy between a man pleasing his boy. Avery Jones & Benjamin Blue ride Tayte Hanson & Austin Wolf showcasing exactly how they want their holes satisfied. Enjoy!


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Benjamin Blue & Manuel Skye New Release | 37 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Benjamin Blue & Manuel Skye

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Featuring: Benjamin Blue & Manuel Skye

Description: Benjamin Blue is excited to be with his first older guy Manuel Skye, who is ready to take control HIS way with a balance of slow burning passion and hard, dominant sex. Manuel takes his time seducing Benjamin with sensual foreplay and subtle training as he strips him down. And soon Manuel has Benjamin where he wants him, lying back and succumbing to the pleasure of Manuel's deep-throating. As he sucks him deep, Manuel uses his abundant spit to finger Benjamin deep and increase the pleasure. Manuel is relentless as he eats out Benjamin's smooth hole and stretches it with two fingers. Then, after teasing him with his thick dick Manuel gives it to his mouth & throat. He 69s with Benjamin only to get at his hole again with him mouth and probing fingers before finally letting him ride [more....]

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Avery Jones & Tayte Hanson New Release | 22 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Avery Jones & Tayte Hanson

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Featuring: Avery Jones & Tayte Hanson

Description: Tayte Hanson continues his return engagement at CockyBoys as he finally gets together with Avery Jones! After some candid sex chat they get down to some sensual making out and before long Avery is sucking Tayte's big dick. Almost immediately Tayte gets Avery into a 69 position so he rim his smooth hole. But Avery eventually goes back to sucking Tayte and worshiping his dick. Tayte soon reciprocates by getting Avery on all fours and eating his ass, opening him up with his tongue and sex talk. Finally Tayte eases in his fat cock slowly and once he sees Avery can take it he goes harder & deeper. Avery's moans of pleasure increase as Tayte dominates his ass and moves higher drilling down into Avery's hungry hole. Taking Avery from the side Tayte pounds his hole and eventually, with [more....]

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Nico Leon & Sharok New Release | 38 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Nico Leon & Sharok

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Featuring: Nico Leon & Sharok

Description: Guess who has a longtime crush on Nico Leon? It's Sharok! He returns to finally get a scene with the guy he describes as beautiful. That's not all Sharok has to share either. He opens up about his sexual awakening which included an avid interest in gay erotic fiction. And, reading some of his stash, including a personally relevant story, with Nico serves as the first bit of fun foreplay between them.Nico soon gets into the hot erotica and he flirts with an equally hard Sharok sitting across from him. However, Sharok wants more. He gently orders Nico to come over and stand before him so he can get him slowly undressed while kissing and caressing him and the bulge in his briefs. Sharok aggressively makes out with Nico and seductively exchanges breathless dirty talk which in turn [more....]


Benjamin Blue Benjamin Blue
Manuel Skye Manuel Skye
Avery Jones Avery Jones
Tayte Hanson Tayte Hanson
Nico Leon Nico Leon
Sharok Sharok

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