Topher Dimaggio Fucks Tegan Zayne

Featuring Tegan Zayne & Topher Dimaggio

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Released: 11/22/2016 Categorized Under: Body Hair, Hung & Big Dicks, Muscled, Oral & Deep Throating, Outdoors, Power Bottoms Featuring: Tegan Zayne & Topher Dimaggio

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Topher Dimaggio is unbelievably excited to be at the Cocky Boys house and Tegan Zayne is more than ready to welcome him into the fold. Thankfully for Tegan, he's just the type of guy Topher has been waiting for.

Relaxing in a hammock quickly takes a sensual turn when Tegan pulls out Topher's cock and eases it into his willing mouth while Topher moans in ecstasy, but Tegan isn't finished yet and he wants to show Topher just how much he can take. Tegan eagerly deepthroats all of Topher's massive cock until Topher insists on returning the favor. He quickly pulls down Tegan's shorts, revealing his rock hard cock, before taking it in his mouth. Before long, Topher suggests that they 69. All clothes are lost as they suck and lick each other, moaning and excitement.

Tegan exclaims that he wants Topher to fuck his ass which is met with enthusiasm and soon Tegan is bent over with Topher going tongue deep in his hole. Too much to resist, Topher eases into him and moans again with sheer excitement. Tegan grasps the arms of the chair as Topher fills him completely. Lying down, Topher invites Tegan to ride his cock and Tegan is more than happy to oblige, straddling and riding his cock.

Swapping positions, Tegan lies on his back while Topher pushes his legs up to fit the entirety of his cock into his hole. The way Topher fills him is too much for Tegan and it isn't long before he's moaning as he reaches completion, cumming all over his stomach. Topher pulls out and strokes himself until he cums all over Tegan's hot, dripping stomach.

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Tegan Zayne Tegan Zayne Topher Dimaggio Topher Dimaggio

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DC on 11/22/2016 Topher.. bleh. Tegan... <3<3 I need a Tegan/Tayte flip. Pretty please Mr Jaxson. whoknew on 11/22/2016 Not eve close to Cockyboys "good" scenes, let alone great. The scene read like it was bad community theatre with D list actors. Sorry! I can't believe I'm writing this kind of review for a Cocyyboys scene, but it was like any other porn scene, not up to cockyboys standard, and not what I subscribe for. I can get this kind of emotionless fucking anywhere. zofingen on 11/22/2016 Another quickie by JJ. Sorry, but this one is poor stuff. Topher looks a Mr Michelin tire on display. Tegan deserves better. hawk on 11/23/2016 I thought it was fine, not quite recent standard, but that is why it is hard to keep reaching new heights. Topher is a little out of condition, but still it was hot, MUSCULAR, MASCULINE sex. Get Tohper in the gym and tone him up with his buddy Arad and make the sparks fly. Thank you JJ. Me123 on 11/23/2016 Shiish, some harsh critics! Still hot in my books!!! Not every scene appeals to all but they're all of a high standard! CBs rule!!! Figaro on 11/23/2016 Um...maybe I watched a different scene to everyone else, but I thought it was hot. I love Tegan, my favorite furry man, & yes, it didn't have the emotion of other Cockyboys scenes, but Tegan says at the begining that he just wants Topher to pound him. Topher is so hot & Sexy to look at, his body is amazing!! Didn't think he looked out of shape at all. Topher is not as emotional as other cockyboys, & by his own admission just wants to fuck & fuck hard. That's ok, it's what makes him different. If those cum shots are anything to go by, they both really enjoyed it. I prefer the more emotional scenes, but this was ok in my book, thanks guys.❤ James8 on 11/23/2016 Meh. Pass. Totally missed the boat on this one. I never thought I could watch a scene with Tegan and not enjoy it, but this one managed to do that. When you guys are on the mark, you totally hit it out of the ballpark. In this one, every single player "struck out". I'm not one to demand utter bodily perfection. As a photographer, chemistry and a manly look trumps all that. But to put flat line Topher with a total gem like Tegan is something that I find absolutely crazy. This is NOT what the majority of your paid views want to see, as evidenced my the comments you get when you successfully pair James8 on 11/23/2016 Sorry. Hit the wrong button... (continued from my last comment...) ... as evidenced by the comments you get when you successfully pair masculine models with genuine connection. Some time ago I suggested you pair Tegan with Alex Mecum and see what happens... I guarantee you would not be getting comments on them as you're getting in this scene. Your audience/members can get WAY better scenes then this one on free porn sites. TSP on 11/23/2016 Tegan is back, YAY!! Topher has looked better. It's been too long since Tegan's last video! More Tegan updates, please, maybe with Benjamin Blue, Cory Cane, Michael Milano or Jay Mercer? There are so many great CockyBoy options available. And, when will we see a FleshJack moulded from Tegan's asshole?!? Show More Comments

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