(If) Featuring Tommy Defendi & Anthony Romero

Featuring Anthony Romero & Tommy Defendi

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Porn Haus Film Fest
Directed by
Jake Jaxson
Edited by
Cilantro Che Guevara

Director's Note:
What if?
If only!
If I could do it over...

What a brilliant word
A tent pole word for pessimists & optimists alike--

Being an overreaching optimist, "If" is full of possibility, and that's why I've chosen it as the title of the third short film in the Porn Haus Film Fest.

It's inspired from the brief and fleeting glances and moments we all have in our life. Seeing that boy on the street, walking by, a quick glance back and forth-- then it's gone. But how many times has your mind, if only for a second or two, checked out of reality and you imagine seeing yourself with that boy. It could be a quick kiss, a passionate fuck, or maybe you see yourself having babies with him-- Oh to daydream.

If only...

That is what I thought over and over-- when I first saw my two loves-- and every time after, until the day that dream become a reality.

Love always,
Jake Jaxson

Description: At some point in our lives, we've all made eye contact with a beautiful stranger in the most unlikely of places and wondered what would happen if he was "the one." Sometimes it's impossible not to imagine all the possibilities, and this short film directed by Jake Jaxson, part of the CockyBoys Porn Haus Film Festival, explores the many different scenarios we dream about.

Featuring the vocal talents of CockyBoys models and staff, we're taken through a poetic dreamscape of New York with Tommy Defendi and Anthony Romero. Though in reality they've never met each other, they're perfect for each other in their fantasies. And this film celebrates that hope, wonder, and mystery of one human's indescribable connection to another.

The sex scene that follows between Tommy and Anthony empowers their mutual optimism upon meeting each other, and there's no doubt it's a hundred times hotter because of it.

Models Featured in this Scene

Anthony Romero Anthony Romero Tommy Defendi Tommy Defendi

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LisaO on 10/05/2013 I have told you before but once again you have put out a wonderful film! I would pay just to watch the love story between them, then you add in the HOT sex and its got it all. Thank you Cockyboys I loved this film!! Mmm... on 10/05/2013 DAYUM! That was scorching HOT!!! Loved and enjoyed the beginning! Loved Anthony and Tommy's passion for each other, their kisses, their dirty talk, Anthony's moans, and Tommy's spanks! Just makes me really miss Anthony... Jeffrey on 10/05/2013 Wow! That was so beautiful. The opening scenes were so adorable. So full of love. And as always the sex was super hot. God I admire what cockyboys is doing and how they, without knowing, affect lives. Zoodlemouse13 on 10/05/2013 Your director's notes always add so much for me Jake. And you definitely melt my heart with "If only... That is what I thought over and over-- when I first saw my two loves-- and every time after, until the day that dream became a reality." <33 I agree with Jeffrey 110%...so much admiration for Cockyboys and how you affect lives. As for the scene...there is and always will be only one Anthony Romero. He is perfection. As is this scene. The beginning was beautiful. I don't have the words to tell you how much that 3 - 4 mins of laughing/kissing/establishing the love added to the sex that came later. Better writers than I will review this so I'll just say it moved me. Moved me so much. Zoodlemouse13 on 10/05/2013 Anthony is the only bottom I've ever seen who truly seems to enjoy every single minute, every single time. Maybe he's acting but if so he deserves an Academy Award. Everyone else has moments where they seem to be in pain. But never Anthony. God I miss him... but wish him well in his retirement. ME2 on 10/06/2013 Perfect! Just Perfect! Bailey on 10/06/2013 OMG!!!! The wait is finally over! I have been waiting for this scene for quite some time. I know it had been advertised a few months ago. It was well worth the wait!!! I love Anthony Romero more with each and every scene that he does. I am realizing that he has retired from the porn world. What a tremendous loss! He is absolute perfection. From head to toe. I wish him the very best in his future endeavors. Tommy Defendi never disappoints. He is sexual prowess at it's best! Anything he is involved with, can't help but become an instant success. Thank you again Jake. For another moment in time, that I will most definitely, not soon forget. Babs on 10/07/2013 First time commneting ever but i can't stoo myself (sorry for my poor english skills, I am not a native speaker)I love reading Jakes Directors Note's, his own description and trying to figure out what's prompted him to do this particular scene. I adore the way he expresses himself so much! Cockyboys I love you for making a difference! <3 Now to the scene. ANTHONY!! He so perfectly gorgeous! Tommy and him just seem to have that kind of connection that makes it fun, passionate yet tender! I miss Anthony , i wish he got everything he wanted after he left and much more. Love Remi on 10/27/2013 I've been waiting for this for SO Long! every since I heard rumors of it earlier this year. Seeing Anthony Romero Post Austin Wilde is Like Seeing Madonna years after A Big Hit. and that's a Good thing. I hope to see More of Him and Tommy, together or Apart. Show More Comments

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