Meet the Morecocks 3: Team Tan

Featuring Jake Bass, Levi Karter & Ricky Roman

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Released: 08/11/2016 Categorized Under: Ink'd, Mini-Series, Specials & Goodies! Featuring: Jake Bass, Levi Karter & Ricky Roman

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Director's Note from Jake Jaxson:

Once again, I find myself answering the same question. Why did it take so long to release this scene? Both Ricky and Levi are two of our longest serving exclusives, and both fan favorites, and after shooting this scene, I was so impressed with their chemistry together that I wanted to instead capture their performance for ANSWERED PRAYERS. So I shelved this scene with bigger ambitions in mind, but time and logistics prevented a new pairing from happening. Instead, we began shooting them for what I planned to be a new Fire Island series which would eventually become the book "Sixty Nine". As time marched on (and flew by) I kept holding out hope of pairing them together in larger feature film, but that never happened.

When I finally began to produce MEET THE MORECOCKS, I discovered a video clip, one of thousands I have shot over the years, that I absolutely loved. In fact, it has to be one of my favorite "personal moments" I have shot with the guys over the years—one that shows the pure essence, playful tenacity, and raw sexuality that these young men possess both on and off screen. And that's when it hit me—I did NOT have to create anything special for Ricky and Levi—we already had it. It was sitting right in front of me the whole time. I just needed to open my eyes to what I already knew that both of these men are so special on their own—and even more so together. I just need to sit back and let them shine.

With that, I am proud to present TEAM TAN.

Love always,
Jake Jaxson


CockyBoys proudly presents the third episode of our behind-the-scenes docuseries, MEET THE MORECOCKS. World premiering at New York's LGBT film festival, NewFest, "Team Tan" joins the previous two episodes, "Lightning in a Bottle" and "The Jake Bass Experience", as having been selected and screened at major gay film festivals around the world.

Primarily set in early Summer 2015, "Team Tan" is both a light-hearted and personal look into the unique personalities at CockyBoys, focusing on two of the studio’s longest-working and most popular stars, Levi Karter and Ricky Roman (Ricky now being the longest working exclusive in CockyBoys’ 10 years of business), and how they became known to fans together as #TeamTan.

Several years have passed since Levi's breakthrough film "Fuck Yeah Levi Karter" premiered at Porn Film Festival Berlin, and his career has skyrocketed since. Once a small town kid from Ohio, Levi has accumulated an unparalleled fan base for his work in the adult industry, was crowned an official Fleshjack Boy, and is one of only a few who have won both the prestigious Best Newcomer (2014) and Performer of the Year award at the 2016 Grabby Awards. Though it may seem like he is living the high life, Levi opens up about how things weren't always easy building a career in an industry many people look down upon—including his mother. At CockyBoys, however, Levi manages to find a safe haven where he's built successful working relationships with owners Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian and a "brotherhood" with his fellow models. As cameraman RJ explains in his first ever sit-down interview, a sense of mutual empathy is what brings everyone together at CockyBoys even when the outside world may not be as forgiving.

Ricky Roman, who joined CockyBoys a year before Levi in 2013, immediately became close friends with Levi as a fellow MOC (Model of Color). They quickly coined themselves #TeamTan, and their fans blew up their hashtag on Twitter ever since.

Four years later, the duo have interestingly still never released a standard scene together. But for two of the hardest working models in the industry whose chemistry is as natural off camera as it is on, a standard scene simply won't do them justice. Levi and Ricky's sweltering hot flip-fuck is real, connected, and intense with Levi producing one of his most intense hands-free cumshots to date.

At times humorous, informative, heartbreaking, and as thought-provoking as it is sexy, this installment of MEET THE MORECOCKS, tells many intricate stories tied together with the unbreakable bonds of camaraderie and #Teamwork.

Models Featured in this Scene

Jake Bass Jake Bass Levi Karter Levi Karter Ricky Roman Ricky Roman

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Meet the Morecocks

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Featuring: Jake Bass, Max Ryder, Levi Karter, Gabriel Clark, Darius Ferdynand & Ricky Roman

In CockyBoys' newest documentary series Meet the Morecocks, Jason, Adrian, and Ben (their real names) allow us a glimpse inside their professional and personal lives. What you see on camera is vastly different from what goes on behind the scenes at the office, their compound in upstate New York, and all the talented models they discover and develop into international superstars. Not everything is easy to say the least, but as Benny says himself, a huge part of the company dialogue is to focus on the positive!

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