Ethan Slade

Ethan Slade

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Ethan Slade. New Orleans hottie Ethan Slade has been around a few years and in a short time has gone from cute to strikingly handsome with a jacked body. An adventurous young man with a variety of interests that range from mild to wild. He enjoys cooking, the arts, & fitness and at the same time his turn-ons include jocks, uniforms, muscle, ass, pretty dicks, creeping, cowboys, kink, & more! A renaissance man!

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Welcome at CB on 02/21/2018 I know i have no right to say ES here welcome but for me it is an awesome news. I love ES since so long time. For me a so great performer. And now on CB. Its really pure WOW for me. Thx JJ for this present. Jay on 02/24/2018 Ethan is so very sexy!!! So happy to have this smoking hot stud at Cocky Boys!!! More,Ethan, please!!!! me on 02/25/2018 INSANELY sexy!!!!!!!!! Please please please put him in as many scenes as possible. PERFECTION!!!!!!

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