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Ben Masters

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Self-described "Skinny Legend" Ben Masters has the vivacious and carefree personality you'd expect from a native Californian beach boy. But he's also an active city boy seeking new adventures in New York. Wherever he may be this handsome and sexy bi-coastal young man is sensitive and affectionate, almost always with a smile on his face that reflects his joyful spirit.

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Cinnamon Pam on 05/20/2018 Ben is absolutely perfect! His eyes are so dreamy! His lips are so luscious! Oh my his smile makes me weak in the knees! His butt, his butt is so beautiful!!!! I followed Ben here to CockyBoys and I must say All these CockyBoys are Sexy and Beautiful!!! I am now a faithful CockyBoys lover! Trisha on 05/31/2018 Ben is gorgeous. I also followed Ben to Cockyboys and I couldn't be happier (for him and my choice to follow). His first scene with Calvin is so hot. I can't wait to see what's next. He has such great chemistry with the other Cockyboys models that he's been hanging out with recently. I predict many more amazing scenes in his future with Cockyboys. PapaJoy on 06/29/2018 I love Ben. I did at that other studio and I followed him here and I follow him on twitter. Amazing, hot, sexy, boyish, accomplished, agile man. Justice on 09/22/2018 I followed Ben here to CB and I can say that this is where he is meant to be. He is a truly beautiful man. That smile, those big brown eyes and gorgeous bubble butt. I can’t wait to see more of Ben. My dream Ben scene would be him, Calvin and Troy

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