The Haunting

Featuring Arnaud Chagall, Dillon Rossi & Jake Steel

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Hey y'all, Jake Jaxson here. Growing up in South Louisiana, we loved to tell stories. There was nothing better than a good old fashioned ghost story and I especially loved it when Halloween came around. We lived in an old creaky house in the Garden District of New Orleans that would send a chill up anyone's spine who walked inside, and my active imagination became over-stimulated. Doors opened on their own, bursts of cold on a warm day, footsteps and voices coming from empty rooms... it was all the norm.

Once, a friend who stayed over burst into my room out of breath with fear in his eyes -- he had just experienced the feeling of being held down in his bed and not being able to get up, as if someone was sitting on him, pinching and slapping him (No, it wasn't me! At least not that time!). Was our house haunted? I think so... there was definitely something there... real or imagined.

My most vivid personal experience came late one night -- the witching hour -- when I felt someone or something caressing my inner thighs. There were hands rubbing all over my chest, my stomach, and then finally onto my hard, demanding cock! It was like electricity pulsing through my body, unlike anything I'd felt before, taking me to a point of total bliss and explosion. When I woke up, the covers were peeled back, my white briefs were wet with cum, and my cock was still pulsing from the attention. Was it just a vivid wet dream or a sexual haunting? I'll never know for sure, but that experience has stayed with me and it's the inspiration for this week's scary story - The Haunting.


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Arnaud Chagall Arnaud Chagall Dillon Rossi Dillon Rossi Jake Steel Jake Steel

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mdevil on 10/29/2012 ABSOLUTEY HOT!! One of the best movies on the site. Keep it up guys!! ME2 on 10/29/2012 HOLY GHOST!!! So good! Quality, acting, sex, everything was amazing! THANK YOU and Great job! Foxroad on 10/29/2012 This was wonderful! A real sexy academy award. The photography and the boys were beautiful. It was more like a sexy love story than a fuck show. Gay sex can be shown as tender. Please don't forget how you did this. Please do more like it. THISisPORN on 10/29/2012 I agree with Foxroad. Recently there have been some really beautiful and special movies on here, whoever is shooting them really knows what they are doing. The photography and i think its called "cinematography" has been like hollywood movies and commercials ive seen. Great job! This is another special movie. DelawareFan on 10/29/2012 Finally, you have a film with one of the sexiest and hottest gay porn stars, Jake Steel. I hope there will be many more. Why is he not listed above as even being in the film. aargauch on 10/29/2012 Hot, original and luscious ! But why is the third actor Jake Steele's name not mentioned ?? MR.SMYTH on 10/29/2012 aargauch - Jake Steel has first Billing in the opening credits. BTW is he very good in this. I have always been a fan, and this is some of his best work! Happy to see him on my Fav Site! britin on 10/29/2012 Fun story, great cinematography, and hot boys. Amazing work Cockyboys! I also fully approve of Arnaud becoming the official three-way special guest. Who wouldn't want him to join?! davidalan on 10/29/2012 Absolutely loved this one!!! So sexy, so loving, and all 3 guys gorgeous to boot. Show More Comments

This scene is featured in

The Haunting

Together before their time.....

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Featuring: Arnaud Chagall, Dillon Rossi, Jake Steel, Ricky Roman, Dale Cooper, Max Ryder & Christian Wilde

Capturing the heart and soul of a forbidden love torn asunder, The Haunting weaves a tale in two timelines: a both pleasant and painful past coupled with a phantasmal present. Jake Jaxson's psychologically and erotically charged film begins with boyfriends Dillon Rossi and Jake Steel on a weekend getaway that leads to a mystically sexual encounter with an unknown presence. While sated, the couple is skeptical about the experience and cuts their trip short. However, when their friends and family don't hear from them, P.I. Dale Cooper is hired to investigate their disappearance.

Cooper finds more than he's bargained for as looking for the boys leads him to delve deeper into the intricate and somber past of the house's original owners. Described by gay adult industry insiders as "one of the best gay porn releases ever" and "a new genre of gay male erotica," The Haunting is an elaborate story that combines thrill, fear, suspense and erotic energy to portray an epic about how love and loss can traverse time and space.

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