Levi Karter & Jacob Ladder Flip-Fuck

Featuring Jacob Ladder & Levi Karter

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Released: 03/24/2015 Categorized Under: Flip-Fucking Featuring: Jacob Ladder & Levi Karter

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Meet Jacob Ladder, our newest CockyBoy who may very well be the Johnny Depp of porn. He's got a dark, intense look about him that screams "pin-up model" but in person he's got a slick sense of humor and the brains to boot.

Levi Karter just thought Jacob was hot, celebrity impersonations aside, and he really wanted to be the one to break him in. The guys made out for a long time -- the chemistry was through the roof -- and for a second it was difficult to tell who would be topping who.

After exchanging blowjobs they BOTH had their first orgasms. But they weren't finished just yet. Jacob flipped Levi over and continued fucking him until Levi finally took the reigns and fucked him back. Jacob then came a second time as Levi finished himself off a second time all over Jacob's abs. For a new guy, Jacob seems to have already mastered the art of a balanced flip-fuck!


Jake Jaxson

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Jacob Ladder Jacob Ladder Levi Karter Levi Karter

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Me on 03/25/2015 Welcome Sweet Jacob! Loved it! Hot hot hot. Cockyboysfan on 03/25/2015 Wow. Another perfect pairing, Jake you are stupidly good at that! I have never heard Levi being so vocal in a scene, clear sign he is into his partner. His smile when he came was brilliant! Levi, you are divine x Jacob, what can I say? You are witty, jawline for days responsive and smoking hot! Welcome to the Willy Wonka of porn!! (Johnny Depp ref). This was bloody tops. RJ, beautifully shot! Its like you are in room watching (not in a creepy way lol)and no-one gets light like you do in this industry x Thank you to the entire CockyTeam xox kittys_devil on 03/25/2015 I'm in love! I am so happy to see Jacob as part of the Cockyboys family, and to have his first scene with Levi, well that's just perfect! They are both so passionate together! This is the most vocal I've seen Levi in a scene and I love it! The moment when Jacob tells Levi he's beautiful...that was just perfect! I can't wait to see more from Jacob, and hope to see these two together again! Khaleesi69 on 03/25/2015 Absolutely gorgeous scene! What a fabulous debut for Jacob Ladder. Paired with Levi (a master at inspiring sensuality in his partners), he was confident and sexy. Before the scene aired, I took a sneak peek at some of Jacob's previous work. I just knew that under the direction of JJ & RJ, his wickedly handsome face, hard body and other obvious attributes would be exhibited beautifully - in the manner in which they deserve. Completely set aside from the sexual aspects of the scene, I was so impressed by the preliminary commentary. Jacob is adorable and likeable! I was giggling with RJ when he was explaining the way he shows of his body and small waist at the gym. PRICELESS! And please let's not forget the Johnny Depp impersonation. He exudes an rare freshness and innocence - which of course makes him even more sexy and enjoyable to watch. I am a hard sell on "first-timers" cause you expect a display of nerves and awkwardness - that's natural. But BRAVO JACOB!!!!! Well done! I was VERY impressed by your performance and look forward to your future works. It goes without saying that you could not have gotten a better introduction into the CB scene play than Levi Karter. He is beautiful and dynamic and I admire him a lot. Welcome to CB! Thanks JJ & RJ for continuing to raise the bar. dorome on 03/25/2015 Oh wow! Another favourite scene! Jacob and Levi are a perfect match! Loved the sensual kissing and how obviously attracted they were to each other. Welcome to Cockyboys Jacob Ladder! He really is wickedly handsome and I loved his interview, witty and funny! Levi just keeps getting better and better! His eyes, how he kiss and touches his partner, just perfect! And I love him being in control and vocal a lot. Oh, and while I'm not usually into cum shots, those were amazing! Levi practically hit Jacobs face twice. Applause! (Sorry Jacob) live4cockyboys on 03/25/2015 I love a good two for one. Two perfectly formed bodies, two beautiful boys, double cum shots, flip fuck, it just couldn't have been better!! It definitely lived up to the anticipation. Welcome to CB Jacob!! KMW on 03/25/2015 I really really like this one. these 2 are great together. both sexy. I think Jacob will fit into cockyboys very well. I could really see him with Gabriel or Colby. he likes it rough, they can show him rough, that would be good to watch. well done to all smjeff on 03/25/2015 Very nice! Levi obviously likes Jacob. gladysunquillo on 03/25/2015 una linda escena ..gracias a todos los cockyboys por su excelente trabajo ..siempre dan lo mejor de si mismos y se agradece Show More Comments

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