Levi Karter, Jack Rayder & Lukas Grande Fuck!

Featuring Jack Rayder, Levi Karter & Lukas Grande

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Released: 10/20/2014 Categorized Under: Boyfriends & Romance, Power Bottoms, Twink Featuring: Jack Rayder, Levi Karter & Lukas Grande

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Levi loves threesomes and was really intrigued to meet real life boyfriends, Lukas and Jack. He thinks sex with couples is a lot of fun since there's already a lot of chemistry involved. The guys all describe themselves as sweet and gentle, so it was interesting seeing the energy three versatile men have with each other.

After spending time outdoors and bonding, the trio took their fun indoors to a nice big comfy couch. Levi immediately jumped right in, giving Jack a blowjob that really had him moaning. Lukas enjoyed the show and jumped in to help Levi suck Jack's cock, leading to some hot kissing between Levi and Jack. Next they switched it up with Lukas plowing Jack doggy style while Jack worshiped Levi's cock with his mouth. Jack was truly the middle section of this manwich -- he rimmed Levi's ass as Lukas shared one hot kiss with Levi. As the action really took off, Jack started moaning some more. "Oh this is soooo amazing..."

Finally, it was time to switch it up to a big chair where Lukas and Levi took turns fucking Jack harder and harder. This was really becoming the perfect equal-opportunity fuckfest -- Lukas cumming on Jack, Jack cumming on his chest, followed a short while later by Levi's load. Yup, everybody went home happy after this threeway!


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Jack Rayder Jack Rayder Levi Karter Levi Karter Lukas Grande Lukas Grande

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Florestan on 10/21/2014 The comparative youth of the participants aside - a bit younger than I would normally go for - this is one of the most beautiful scenes which the Studio has yet produced. The most successful ingredient in my opinion is the obvious affection and concern for each other's pleasure which all three display from beginning to end and the fact that they are really 'into' each other. The amazingly intimate, romantic and hot camera angles which we have almost come to take for granted from the studio and the sense of true spontaneity as the scene unfolds are also outstanding. More threesomes like this please, Cockyboys! kittysdevil on 10/21/2014 I've waited 3 1/2 months for a new Levi scene and this one did not disappoint!! The cute and adorable beginning quickly changed to sexy and hot action! The looks the three of them shared seemed like they were connected, and the moved the same way. An amazing scene that I know I'll be watching over and over! Thanks again Cockyboys! You never disappoint!! S. on 10/21/2014 Hot dynamic between the three of them. I thoroughly enjoyed this scene. CockyGirl4579 on 10/21/2014 Levi is a patient pleasure in this scene. At first I felt as if Levi was left out a bit or more a prop, but I should have known better. Levi has an energy that seems to work in every situation. What a passionate little ball of light he is. OMG I am such a girl writing this...Can't help it... Love Levi and the passion of all the boys. ME2 on 10/22/2014 This was AMAZING!! I also loved the opening! Lisa FanFicCrazy on 10/22/2014 I have to say I'm not a huge fan of threesomes that involve couples that are 'in love' I can always 'feel' a difference and I know that's just the girl in me lol but still.... They all did a great job, I enjoyed it very much. I totally agree with CockyGirl4579, that Levi has a way.. He grabs your attention no matter where he is or who's he's with. Thanks guys! X dr24 on 10/24/2014 another great film with Jack and Lucas, and Levi and wow........... there was so much passion show between all three. These guys are what I call crossovers, emerging twinks blossoming as Cockyboys. Great show guys. ❤dr subscription renewed LOL adgbj on 10/27/2014 I love this scene! i feel like there is such good chemistry between all three of these men. The interview part of this is just beyond sweet, in my opinion a lot of threesome scenes you get this weird kind of "that person is the third wheel" feeling and that is no where to be found in this scene and i appreciate that! such a good pairing. Kev1229 on 11/02/2014 WELCOME JACK AND LUKAS TO THE MORECOCK FAMILY! Cannot even put into words how thrilled I am to see these two on CB! When the debuted a few weeks ago, I didn't Even dare dream for a scene with Levi. Thanks so much for this! Show More Comments

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