The Stillest Hour: Trailer

Featuring Colby Keller, Levi Karter & Will Wikle

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Released: 02/19/2016 Categorized Under: CockyBoys TV, Mini-Series, Specials & Goodies! Featuring: Colby Keller, Levi Karter & Will Wikle

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Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: Today we present a first look at the trailer for our newest project, The Stillest Hour. It's an exciting new collaboration, based on an idea pitched to me by the famed Will Wikle.

I have known Will for some years now—in fact he was an early supporter of our site when Benny, RJ and I bought it in 2009. He used to attend many of our New York club events, and like the good southern boy that he is, he was a constant flirt and perfect tease. He would give a slight raise of his eyebrows whenever I floated the idea of filming him—giving me a look that didn't say NO nor signify YES. The possibility always intrigued me, but I knew he was on a much different track then, as he was focused on a successful career, and as many of you know, this is when he also met, fell in love with, and began a long term relationship with one of our first exclusive performers, Mason Star.

And now, almost six years later, our paths crossed again. So imagine my surprise when Will came up to me, put his hand on my leg, looked me in the eyes and whispered, "I'm ready!"

What I found so compelling about the story that Will pitched me had more to do with the WHY he wanted to do this and how he came to this decision. And so I wanted to be able to relate to his desire to take this journey, and his story soon became mine. In it I saw a kind of universal DNA that for so long has vexed so many perfect minds.

What the mind PERCEIVES it BELIEVES.

Now, as a dedicated optimist and hopeless romantic, I choose to believe a different variant of that statement—one that has been taught and made famous by The Secret, "What the mind can conceive it will achieve." And for an optimist like myself, it has become a kind of a life motto for me.

However, while I often enjoy the task of making the seemingly impossible possible, I also fight and struggle with the devil on my shoulder: Perception vs Reality.

Recently, during my early attempts at meditation, I discovered a perfect psychological metaphor to describe this struggle—one that has both enlightened and frightened me. Zen Buddhists refer to  this struggle as the monkey mind. The Buddha held that the human mind is filled with drunken monkeys, flinging themselves from tree to tree, distractingly jumping around, and restless in its nonstop chattering. Often trying to get you to believe what is not!

In this discovery I realized how often I have created and made my optimist perception a reality, yet also, learning the hard way, that my optimist perceptions are often not real—a realization that can be upsetting, heart-breaking and sad.

But in that discovery, I, like so many others, realized that this is part of the joy of life—or to use another turn of phase—Live and learn.

And so this is the fuel that powers our newest film, THE STILLEST HOUR, featuring an all-star ensemble, lead by three truly inspiring individuals and amazing performers: Will Wikle, Colby Keller and Levi Karter.

  As always, thank you for your ongoing support and positive energy. It really is the fuel that drives our work and purpose.

Love Always — Quiet the Monkey Mind,

Jake Jaxson

Description: When a straight-laced psychotherapist takes on an attractive new client with a free-spirited yet artistically tortured lifestyle, his good will and professionalism are tested when the man begins unloading his anxieties over a boy who appears to be stalking him. Through a series of gut-wrenching sessions -- each one devolving into various states of erotic mania -- the tables are flipped when the boy becomes separately involved in the personal lives of both men.

From award-winning director Jake Jaxson comes a twisted new take on the psycho-sexual thriller genre featuring the star power of Colby Keller, Levi Karter, and pop culture icon Will Wikle in his porn debut. The Stillest Hour arrives this Fall exclusively on CockyBoys.

Models Featured in this Scene

Colby Keller Colby Keller Levi Karter Levi Karter Will Wikle Will Wikle

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Figaro on 02/19/2016 Oohhh!! Can't wait, it looks really intriguing. With Mmmmmm.x Levi.x😊💋 reba911 on 02/19/2016 this looks a mess trex on 02/19/2016 Really don't get why you would post a PG-13 rated trailer on a gay porn website? Especially when your site has been down and you are more than a little behind on hard core updates for your members. Stu72 on 02/19/2016 Can't wait to see this, it looks so good Levi Karter is my spirit animal! on 02/19/2016 I have a feeling that this sexy, psychological thriller will rival "The Haunting"! I can't wait to see it. quiet1 on 02/20/2016 This absolutely looks to be another piece of thrilling erotic artwork from Cocky Boys and I am totally thrilled to be here to see its arrival. This company and the team involved certainly earn the credits they receive and more by creating such amazing works like this. It really has that edgy thriller genre feel to it and I can't wait. austriangay on 02/20/2016 seems to be another hot film. longing to watch it soon. Rio on 02/20/2016 When!!!When!!!!!!When!!!!!!!!!!!!! M on 02/22/2016 Both Colby and Will look super hot in this. That being said, I am not too fond of all the teasing that is going on with high-profile releases like this. We get no release dates and when the first scene finally gets released, like in the case of "Meet the Morecocks" or "One Erection", it is not followed up by the other ones. The thirst is real, y'all! Show More Comments

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