Nikolay Petrov

Nikolay Petrov

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Nikolay - he has a wicked body – wicked. The kind of body you just want to touch, lick and yeah - eat. Worked out, muscular bod, hot Armenian accent, and a fucking GREAT cock. I met this hottie at a pool party fundraiser in Los Angeles for the Trevor Project (check out the charity and give’em bank). Nikolay was there filling out every ounce of the hottest, tightest speedo I think I have ever seen. His monster cock filled out the crotch so tight you could see the outline of the head of his dick. Every gay boy on the patio went into heat as he walked by. I had to film him – I just had too.

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estramonio on 05/25/2012 es lamentable. que este chico tenga hoy problemas con la ley .... espero que se encuentre bien J on 11/27/2012 Would love to see Nikolay pounding Stephen forest

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