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Kody Stewart

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Kody Stewart will undoubtedly remind you of that ambiguously gay crush you once had that "got away." He's got a noticeably deep voice, a ripped physique, and a refreshingly positive attitude. So you could say he's the guy-next-door type, but don't let his red-blooded, all-American appearance fool you -- Kody loves to get fucked! When he found out he'd be Liam Riley's first bottom in his porn debut at CockyBoys, he was floored. While Liam has a reputation for being a power bottom, there was just something so sexy seeing Kody giving it all up to him, deep-voiced moans and all... taking it deep. Kody loves being active -- he actually knew Liam through cheerleading a while ago and they've been friends ever since. But now that he's taken up porn as another hobby, we're excited to see where and how far he will take it -- either as a bottom or a top!

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scottseattle on 12/25/2015 Dang, this boy can sure shoot a cum load. Although with his clothes on he probably wouldn't be the type I would initally go after, when he gets naked, hard, and especially when he's cumming; the sexual energy is undeniable.

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