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Allen King

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Allen King is the type of guy who's impossible to hate. He's got a thousand watt smile that can light up any room and his positive energy is contagious. He's also got one of the most toned, beautiful bodies we've ever seen. Originally from Spain, Allen found CockyBoys through his boyfriend (and fellow CockyBoy) Angel Cruz, so of course his first scene with us had to be with Angel. To see them together on dates, flirting in Spanish, and flip-fucking is a sight to behold. Though he might be off the market, Allen will surely charm the pants off any guy.

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Andrew on 04/09/2016 Allen King is fantastic. NewMember on 04/19/2016 Allen King has the best expressions when he bottoms. He might be the best bottom ever. NewMember on 04/19/2016 Not that he lacks anything whatsoever as a top. His "take my dick" face is also perfect. reavenx on 07/08/2016 hello, you are good boy no? I love you slick on 07/22/2016 Allen King is a HOT Dynamo, sooo sexy CelticLass on 07/30/2016 Love Allen one of my faves 😘💙x Percolator on 01/23/2017 Would absolutely love an autograph from you. Is there any way to obtain one? I do hope you can find my address from this post. Thanks again. You're a great guy and I love your scenes and cute voice.

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